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In development since the late 1990s, the game's puzzles have grown more advanced with each entry, while staying true to their creator's vision. Deponiya's gameplay mechanics, characters, and backgrounds all take inspiration from the original. Deponia was released for the Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows in 2003. It was the last Deponia game developed by Steambot Studios, and was well received by critics and audiences. Since the game's release, David Hebert and his team have been working on a new version of the game, which was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June 2011. Hebert's new game, titled Deponia the Hades, was released in July 2011 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Plot Deponia takes place in the 31st century in a world called Deponia, a dystopian planet with all animals being extinct, and humans having advanced to the point of being the new dominant species. Deponia is a planet in which the "Left Behind" are slowly dying, being left to rot in the orbit of a "Stump World" after they cannot be rescued from their dying homeworld of Clangonia. This is due to the greed of the human emperor, Cleo Duobledon, who wishes to get rid of any of the Left Behind. His most recent decree is to eliminate all animals. Our story revolves around a young boy, Paolo the protagonist, whose father is a member of the Left Behind. As he goes to college, Paolo meets a girl named Selene and her uncle, Professor Pili. Their adventures and quest with the knowledge of the deadly disease responsible for the extinction of all the animals will take them across the land of Deponia, find a cure for the deadly disease and most importantly rescue Paolo's father. Gameplay Unlike the previous games, Deponia does not use a turn-based format to progress the game. Paolo does not have specific moves that he can make, but rather can select any object or person that he wishes to interact with. He can use objects such as flowers or rocks to move things around, and he can interact with people by hugging them. Paolo can interact with the environment in a similar manner. Paolo can also talk to people using gestures, and he has the ability to read books and signs. Paolo can use tools to make objects or repair them, but he can also manipulate the environment to create tools. Paolo can also press buttons to unlock




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HD Online Player (xf-a2013-64bits.exe Download) [Updated]

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